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Vital Landmarks to Spot When Traveling

Most people love preserving their travel memories with photos of the places they visit. Some of these landmarks make travel pictures excellent for some people. And there are specific landmarks that you cannot miss when traveling.

These places will make your trip truly memorable and give you a sense of the history and culture of the site you’re visiting. Here are some of the most important landmarks to spot when traveling.

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

This ancient amphitheater was built in 70-80 AD and is one of Italy’s most iconic landmarks. And this is a must-see for every traveler to Rome.

The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt

The only remaining wonder of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid, is an awe-inspiring sight. It was built around 2560 BC and is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in Giza.

The Taj Mahal in Agra, India

This beautiful mausoleum was built in 1632 by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his late wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It is one of India’s most popular tourist attractions and is considered one of the most outstanding examples of Mughal architecture.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

This wrought iron lattice tower is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. It was built in 1889, stands 324 meters tall, and has become an icon of Paris.

Big Ben in London, England

The clock tower at the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, is one of the most famous landmarks in London. It was built in 1859 and is one of the giant four-faced clocks in the world.

These are some of the many impressive landmarks around the world. So next time you’re planning a trip, make sure to include some of these must-see sights on your itinerary!

What is Travel Constipation?

Travel constipation is also called vacation constipation. It’s a health condition that happens when a person suddenly can’t poop as per regular schedule, whether for a single day, two, or even longer.

Several factors can cause constipation, including sudden exercise or diet change due to health conditions. Therefore, think about these factors and possibilities when planning a trip. However, travel constipation occurs to many people after a long-distance trip or flight.

Traveling interrupts the regular diet. Also, sitting down for several hours can slow down what happens in the digestive system.

Causes of Travel Constipation

People have different bowel movements. For instance, one person can poop several times per day while another can go once a day. However, tracking your bowel movements is crucial because it enables you to recognize when constipated. Here’s what can make you constipated when traveling.

  • Your environment
  • The health of your gut bacteria
  • When and what you eat when traveling
  • How often do you exercise
  • The amount of sleep you get

All these factors can affect bowel movements’ regularity. As the colon passes waste, the small intestine releases a fluid that the body must also remove. Muscle contraction and relaxation push body waste to the rectum for expulsion. However, the timing of how often this happens depends on your lifestyle. Sudden activity levels and dietary changes can affect the colon’s behavior.

For instance, drinking inadequate water makes the colon suck up more moisture from the waste. And this can make it dryer. Also, changes in what triggers muscle contractions, like drinking and eating, can delay the process. Thus, your pool can take longer to pass through the colon. Consequently, you’re likely to have a dry, hard stool that might get stuck in the colon leading to constipation.

Solo Travel Tips for Men

Most people don’t think men can travel alone, Jimmy the head at Techy Ninjas explains to us that however ones feelings are about this, men travel alone all the time, and they know how to stay focused when traveling alone. If you’re a man and wish to travel solo, here are some practical tips to guide you.

Relax and Enjoy

Some men rush into things without thinking about them when traveling. To enjoy your trip:

  • Sit back and have some relaxing moments.
  • Spend your travel time watching how other people’s culture works.
  • Take advantage of enjoyable opportunities that life presents away from home as you let things unfold.

Don’t Be Intimidating

Most men are not as approachable as they think they are. For instance, most men from western countries are larger than those from other places. So, if you have a big body, be gentle to strangers. Speak calmly, smile, and even remove your sunglasses to allow people to see your eyes.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

When traveling alone, you should be in control all the time. Drugs and alcohol can impair your judgment. Using drugs or drinking alcohol hinders you from restraining yourself the way you would when sober. Thus, you might end up fighting with strangers with a slight provocation. What’s more, you can end up at the wrong places and have more troubles away from home.

Take Risk

In some cases, taking a risk when traveling solo is thrilling for men. That’s because it enables you to know your limits. For instance, you can take a scuba course in preparation for a shallow dive. However, avoid a deep dive because you may not have somebody to help you if things don’t go as you expect.

Carry Minimal Gadgets

You don’t want to lose your gadgets when traveling. Therefore, minimize the devices you carry to avoid drawing attention to yourself. What’s more, some devices can add weight to your pockets or luggage.

Follow these solo travel tips for men to enjoy your upcoming trip.

Why You Should Spend Money on Your Travels

Some people don’t travel more often because they consider it a waste of money. But, do you know that the money that you spend traveling is well-spent? Here are some of the reasons to spend money on your travels. 

Spending Money on Travels is Like Paying for Your Education 

Traveling provides a chance to learn. When you travel, you learn more. You meet new people and enjoy new experiences. Traveling teaches you to appreciate what you have, accept other people, and pause to reflect at some point. It teaches you to live the present and enjoy it. For some people, traveling is the greatest education in life. 

Traveling Pushes You to Leave Your Comfort Zone 

Traveling will make you grow. That’s because it prompts you to leave your comfort zone. It teaches you more about the challenges that people in other parts of the world face. When you travel, you miss your best food, sleep in uncomfortable beds, and struggle to speak foreign languages. Traveling teaches you more about the outside of your comfort zone. This can boost your growth as a person. 

Traveling Puts Things into Perspective 

When you travel, you meet starving children. You witness people living in severe desperation. This will show you what you’ve been enjoying in life and what others have been missing. You learn to appreciate life and be grateful for what you have. You will learn that nothing is guaranteed in this life and that you shouldn’t be taking things for granted. 

Traveling will place your life into a clear perspective. When you have this perspective in mind, you avoid complaining about simple things like warm water when you need cold water and salty food. 

The world is big with many unique, beautiful, magical, and interesting things to enjoy. So, spending money on travel and exploration is a good thing. It teaches you to appreciate what you have in life and stop complaining over minor things. That’s because what you take for granted is a luxury for some people in some parts of the world.

Guidelines for Traveling to Florida

Similar to other states, Florida has also experienced coronavirus pandemic. However, most tourist attractions in the area have started opening up for travelers following a recent announcement by the state to lift cross-border travel restrictions. In case you are planning to visit Florida, the following are important guidelines to keep in mind. 

Mandatory Self-Quarantine 

The state of Florida now requires visitors coming in from Louisiana, New York, Connecticut, or New Jersey to undergo mandatory self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival. The rules apply to all visitors regardless of whether you travel by air or road. 

Flights Remain Operational 

All the major airports in Florida including Hollywood International Airport, Miami International Airport, Orlando International Airport, and Miami International Airport will remain open. 

Expect Checkpoints along the Highways 

To those who are traveling by road, the state of Florida has positioned highway patrol officers and checkpoints for screening visitors coming out of state. Road tolls will be collected electronically to reduce the transmission risk. 

Check the Open Attractions, Hotels, and Businesses 

Although Florida did not close hotels due to the COVID-19, most establishments temporarily closed down due to a shortage of clients. However, several hotels, attractions, and businesses are starting to open their doors. 

Most beaches and parks have also either re-opened or in the process of doing so.  Some of those that have announced re-opening include Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World. 

Observe Social Distancing and other CDC Safety Measures 

For public safety, the state of Florida also advises residents and visitors to observe the CDC safety precautions including social distancing, wearing of masks and hand sanitization. 

For the latest information about the situation of the coronavirus crisis in Florida, you should check the state’s health department website. In case you feel any sign of illness, report to the authorities immediately for screening and further health advice.

Tips for Traveling with a Toddler or Baby

Traveling with a toddler is all about a tote and carry. It requires careful planning and preparation. Proper preparation makes the overall travel experience better for you and the little one. Here are practical tips for traveling with a toddler or baby. 

Book Your Plane Seat Carefully 

If you intend to fly with a toddler, book a plane seat with a bassinet connection, as well as, a separate seat for an older child if necessary. If traveling as a couple with a toddler, one parent should pre-board the bassinet. When using a car, choose a toddler’s seat. De-board the airplane until it is almost the take-off time. This makes the car seat or bassinet ready to go. Additionally, the child gets time to be active rather than wait while seated in a crowded plane. 

Carry Fluids and Snacks

Pack non-perishable foods. Make sure that you have quality fluids to keep the baby hydrated due to the drying nature of airplanes. It’s also recommended to bring a bottle or cup that the baby can use to sip the fluid. When a baby has something to always suck on to, they can be relieved of the air pressure. This is particularly crucial during landing and take-off. 

Pack Extra Diapers and Clothing 

Dress the toddler or baby in layers when flying. Make sure that the baby has layers that are easy to take off if the baby gets hot. They should also be easy to be layered back if the baby gets cold. Additionally, remember that messes happen with ease when traveling by car or by plane. Therefore, carry extra diapers and outfits and pack them in ways that make them easy to access. 

Carry the Favorite Toys for the Toddler

Bring items that your toddler or baby can easily associate with. When you bring the items your child is used to, they will feel comfortable and secure when traveling. What’s more, carrying the items that a child associates with keeps them happy and occupied when traveling. 

Follow these tips for traveling with a toddler or baby to make your next trip with the little one easy, comfortable, and enjoyable. 

Why is Traveling the Best Hobby?

If you have never traveled, you are missing out on some of the best things that make life worth living. Traveling offers countless options for making fun, learning new things and generally improving your life. And, that is why many people today are taking up traveling as their main hobby. The following are key reasons why traveling is the best hobby. 

Allows You the Opportunity to Appreciate Nature 

It is very hard to experience the true sense of nature when you study, live, work, and play at the same location all year round. Taking trips gives you the best opportunity to come face to face with various aspects of nature including forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, wildlife and plants, cities and deserts. When traveling, you will also get to experience unique cultures, which are not found in your current location. 

Travel Inspires Creativity 

Traveling can enhance your creativity in many ways. The first aspect of creativity in traveling is during the planning stage. You will need to be creative to select suitable travel destinations, activities, accommodation and transport for your interests and budget. Besides, the unique sights and sounds experienced during traveling can also offer new insights for creative accomplishments. Traveling also comes with different challenges that require better creative thinking and problem-solving skills to overcome. It takes you from your comfort zone into new environments where creativity is critical to survival. 

Endless Opportunities for Fun and Merry Making 

Going on trips enables you to experience fun in ways that best suit your needs and preferences. There are several attractions during traveling that will truly put a smile on your face including unique cuisines and foods, sports and games, cultural events, art and architecture among others. You can always choose to visit any destination and, also engage in specific activities that will warm your heart. 

Several other benefits of traveling also make travel the best hobby. To experience all those benefits, all you need to do is choose a suitable travel destination, create a proper travel plan and start exploring the world. 

Principles that Make Travel Memorable

To make travel memorable, make engaging and learning from those around you a travel mission. Share your experiences and culture too. That way, you will bring people closure and have more memorable travel experiences. Here are principles that will make your travel more memorable.

Be Open-Minded

Be open to different ways of life and new cultures. Being open to new things exposes your mind to unlimited growth. Your travels will be more interesting, fun, and memorable.

Stretch Boundaries to Enjoy New Experiences and Discover Yourself

Try something new whenever you travel to expand horizons. Get out of the comfort zone and be ready to mingle with nature. Try strange and exotic foods when you travel. You can even attend religious ceremonies. Try something new even if it scares you. Even talk to strangers and engage in their activities. That’s why you will discover talents and strengths you never thought you had.

Interact, Listen, Engage and Embrace

The people you meet when you travel will play a role in shaping your experience and memories. Interacting, listening to, engaging, and embracing the local people will make your trip more memorable. Therefore, spend time with the locals and other travelers to learn about their beliefs and cultures. Share your experiences, beliefs and culture too.

Take Memories and Moments over Possessions

Possessions will fade after some time. But, memories and moments will shape your character. You will have your memories forever. An expensive handbag won’t have a difference in your life in the next 20 years. But, the night you spend with Maasai Warriors in Kenya under a tent as lions roam outside will remain in your mind forever. Therefore, focus on experiencing life and not things.

Be Passionate and Present

Life exists now. Therefore, be passionate and present when traveling. Focus on enjoying the current moment without worries of the past. Soak all your senses in the current experiences. Live the current moment and be excited about it. Rejoice for having a chance to travel.

Traveling should be about experiences and memories. Try these principles to make your travels more memorable.

Guides on How to Travel with a Suit

Although it may sound out of order to pack a suit when going on vacation, there are some trips that may require a suit like weddings and business travel. To make sure that your suit is not wrinkled or damaged somewhere along the journey, the most important thing that you should know is how to pack a suit for traveling. Arturo of the GT Roofing co., shares in his recent blog post how he travels and dresses for the occasion and he shared that the following tips/guides will show you how to properly pack your suit when going on a long trip. Check out Arturo’s site for more details on his company and contact info.

Fold It Right

The first step to packing your suit is folding it. Start by turning the jacket and pants inside out then, fold the jacket down. The pants should then, be folded around the jacket so they are fixed into each other. When folding, make sure that the arms and collar of the jacket are left inside. The jacket should be folded horizontally with a sweater or t-shirt placed inside it to avoid wrinkles. The right way to fold the pants is in thirds and wrapping it around the jacket to create a bundle. Doing so will help you conserve space and also keep the suit in good condition so you do not have to bother with ironing upon arrival at the destination.

Pack Your Suit in a Carry On

Although some airline carriers have in-built hooks in the cabin where passengers can hang garment bags, you should travel with your suit in a carry on. Using a garment bag will only make your luggage bulky and take up your seating space. The best way to travel with a suit is packing it in carryon bag or suitcase.

Unpack Immediately Upon Arrival

Your suit can start to develop wrinkles if it stays folded in the carry on for too long. As soon as you get to the hotel, unpack and remove any creases using the hotel’s iron then, hang it.

Generally, traveling with a suit merely requires common sense and proper care just like you would with other personal items. If you fear that your precious suit might get damaged on the trip, you may consider buying one in your destination.

How to Travel Smarter and Cheaper

Depending on circumstances, travel can be a dream come true or a nightmare. However, there are things that you can do to travel smarter and cheaper. Here are hacks and tips to help you travel smarter and cheaper.

Pack Efficiently

You travel more efficiently and comfortably when you pack your bags properly. For instance, you can carry a small bag by packing items that need less space. This makes moving around and having your luggage checked easier. Basically, pack like a flight attendant or pro traveler. What’s more, pack more efficiently by rolling clothing to prevent formation of wrinkles and ensure a proper fit.

Book Accommodation Early

To get cheaper accommodation, book early. Perhaps, a great way to get cheaper accommodation is to stay in a hostel or rented apartment if you plan to spend more time at your destination. Using Airbnb, you can save money and still get quality accommodation. Since there are kitchens in most apartments, you also save on food because you prepare your meals instead of eating out.

Get Cheap Flights

You can get cheap flights by booking early or using reward cards. There are airlines with branded cards that you can sign up for. These enable you to get bonus when you use them during certain seasons. This is a great way to get cheap flights especially for seasoned travelers.

Compare Options

Never assume when looking for ways to travel smarter and cheaper. Instead, take time to compare prices and travel methods. Each time you want to travel, compare the available options. That way, you will find the cheapest and most efficient alternative.

These are crucial tips on how to travel smarter and cheaper. Follow them carefully when planning your next trip. When you know how to travel smarter and cheaper, you save money without compromising on travel experience.