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How to Use Travel to Reinvent Life

You can change your life by traveling more often. In fact, G. Martinez of Martz Roofing & Construction says that traveling is the best way to reinvent life for some people when compared to other methods like reading books, watching videos, and using local programs.

To reinvent life by traveling, follow these steps:

Write Down the Changes You Want to Make in Life

Perhaps, you want to end a bad habit. Maybe you need a complete overhaul of your life. No matter what you want to change, identify and write it down. Instead of just brainstorming, observe your past and write down the changes that you want whether it’s in your relationship or career. This will enable you to stay focused during the trip.

Pick a Travel Destination

Decide on your travel destination depending on its ability to enable you to make your desired changes. For instance, if you want to change your life by acquiring a new skill, choose a destination where you can learn the skill.

Focus on Accomplishing Your Goal

Use the opportunity to travel to achieve your goal. Take this time to transform your life perspective. You will come across opportunities to do this during the trip. Aim at discovering yourself. Observe your thoughts and feelings and address your inner being. Start to reinvent your life with self-love, self-awareness, and gratitude. This will transform your perspective and make you appreciate life.


Take time to reintegrate your new personality into your older personality. Radiate your new identity while changing how you live every day. Make sure that your new life reflects the changes that you made during the trip. Additionally, focus on maintaining and expanding changes. Also have time to reflect on the changes you made and the impact they have on your life. Make the people around you feel your new plans, feelings, and behavior.

If you are not impressed by your current life, follow these tips to use travel to reinvent life.

Important Pre-Flight Travel Checklist

Having a pre-flight travel checklist is a sure way to get stress out of your travel. It enables you to pack all essentials required to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. Here are crucial items to include in your pre-flight travel checklists.


There are countries where you won’t be allowed entry without a visa. It’s therefore important to ensure that you have a valid visa before you travel. This will enable you to avoid being denied entry into your destination country upon arrival.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is very important when traveling internationally and domestically. Your credit card might have travel insurance. However, it’s important to conduct some research to know what is covered and what is not. Make sure that you have travel insurance that covers theft or loss of personal items as well as medical care at your travel destination.


Make appropriate financial arrangements before you travel. This includes getting cards that you can use to withdraw money or make payments at your destination. Also carry some cash in local currency. Additionally, inform your bank that you intend to travel to ensure that your cards are not blocked from performing foreign transactions.

Carry-on Essentials

There are essentials that you should pack in your bag when taking a flight. These include a lip balm, scarf, headphones, menthol inhaler, kindle or book, toothbrush and toothpaste, clothes, and any necessary medication.

Tickets and Documents

Carry tickets and documents for anything that you may have booked online. These include passport, travel tickets, airport transfer tickets, boarding passes, and any other document that you may be required to produce while traveling.

Whether you intend to travel to a place you have visited before or to a new destination, this checklist will enable you to make your trip seamless. Follow it when preparing for your upcoming flight travel.

Important Facts to Master before Traveling To Netherlands

Netherland, also known as Holland, maybe a tiny country but there is more to it than meets the eye. It is beautiful and has lots of wonders for a tourist. Then there is a court! The International Criminal Court (ICC) is located in Hague, one of the two capital cities in Netherland. So you don’t have to be a tourist to think of going to the Netherlands. Maybe you have a case to answer, or you are going to visit a friend or relative in such a situation. Whichever way, you need to learn some basic facts about this country:

It’s a land of the Dutch

A citizen of Netherlands is officially known as the Dutch, not a Netherlander or “Netherlandist.” If you want to look well appeared, say Dutch.

It’s a Lowland

Netherland means “lying low” in Dutch. And it is not far-fetched, for the country is literally low. Only about half of it is more than 1 meter above sea level. Out of this, the highest point is only 321 meters above sea level. So if the sea level were to rise 2 meters overnight due to a tsunami or something, half of Netherland would be submerged. Fortunately, the area is not prone to tsunamis. Netherland is also flat. Ironically, while the land lies low, the Dutch are the tallest people on earth. The research has revealed it’s due to proper nutrition and DNA. Other reports have attributed it to their high consumption of dairy.

Two Capitals

The country has two capital cities, as already stated. The first is Amsterdam, which is the official capital by the law. Then there is Hague, the terror of the wicked. It is the seat of government and was initially the first capital from 1584.

“Liberal Laws”

The Netherlands has liberal laws some of which might not make the holy pope happy. Some controversial drugs like marijuana are legal in the Netherlands. But they are only sold in licensed drug stores. The people are, however, free to grow cannabis in their farms for personal use. So although Netherland lies low, it is the perfect place to get high.

Prostitution is also permitted in the Netherlands. The prostitutes only need to be at least 18 and their clients at least 16 years. You can also legally abort a pregnancy at any point from conception. The law has been in existence since 1981.

Well, the holy saints of the earth will say this is a wicked city, but that’s even before they hear that this same country is the largest beer exporter in the world! If you suspect Americans look drunk much of the time, blame it on the Netherlands. In 2001, the beer companies in the

Netherlands exported 1.3 liters of beer. Half of this was shipped to the U.S. So how can Americans be sober? If you are a beer lover, then Netherlands can only be your natural home. But the Dutch are not drunkards, as you may conclude. While they make the world drunk on beer, they are known as the world’s biggest coffee drinkers. The Dutch drink more than 145 liters of coffee annually.

Prisons Are Empty

The international court is located in the Netherlands. While the court is busy jailing the world’s lawbreakers, the Dutch themselves are the most law-abiding citizens on earth. The crime rate in the Netherlands continues to drop to below 0.9 percent per year. For this reason, a third of the country’s prisons are empty. Many prisons have been closed. About 1,900 prison workers once feared they would lose their jobs for lack of criminals. The Netherlands has had to lease some of its empty prisons to Norway and Belgium. Now you understand why the international court is located there.


Now you have a better idea of which country you are visiting. Enjoy your trip. Take time to enjoy ‘Hollandse Nieuwe,’ which is the Netherlands’ most famous food. Now, in case you are wondering what it is, it’s fish. Take time to learn how the Dutch eat it. It can be served raw together with chopped gherkins and onions.