Guidelines for Traveling to Florida

Similar to other states, Florida has also experienced coronavirus pandemic. However, most tourist attractions in the area have started opening up for travelers following a recent announcement by the state to lift cross-border travel restrictions. In case you are planning to visit Florida, the following are important guidelines to keep in mind. 

Mandatory Self-Quarantine 

The state of Florida now requires visitors coming in from Louisiana, New York, Connecticut, or New Jersey to undergo mandatory self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival. The rules apply to all visitors regardless of whether you travel by air or road. 

Flights Remain Operational 

All the major airports in Florida including Hollywood International Airport, Miami International Airport, Orlando International Airport, and Miami International Airport will remain open. 

Expect Checkpoints along the Highways 

To those who are traveling by road, the state of Florida has positioned highway patrol officers and checkpoints for screening visitors coming out of state. Road tolls will be collected electronically to reduce the transmission risk. 

Check the Open Attractions, Hotels, and Businesses 

Although Florida did not close hotels due to the COVID-19, most establishments temporarily closed down due to a shortage of clients. However, several hotels, attractions, and businesses are starting to open their doors. 

Most beaches and parks have also either re-opened or in the process of doing so.  Some of those that have announced re-opening include Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World. 

Observe Social Distancing and other CDC Safety Measures 

For public safety, the state of Florida also advises residents and visitors to observe the CDC safety precautions including social distancing, wearing of masks and hand sanitization. 

For the latest information about the situation of the coronavirus crisis in Florida, you should check the state’s health department website. In case you feel any sign of illness, report to the authorities immediately for screening and further health advice.

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