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Tips for Traveling with a Toddler or Baby

Traveling with a toddler is all about a tote and carry. It requires careful planning and preparation. Proper preparation makes the overall travel experience better for you and the little one. Here are practical tips for traveling with a toddler or baby. 

Book Your Plane Seat Carefully 

If you intend to fly with a toddler, book a plane seat with a bassinet connection, as well as, a separate seat for an older child if necessary. If traveling as a couple with a toddler, one parent should pre-board the bassinet. When using a car, choose a toddler’s seat. De-board the airplane until it is almost the take-off time. This makes the car seat or bassinet ready to go. Additionally, the child gets time to be active rather than wait while seated in a crowded plane. 

Carry Fluids and Snacks

Pack non-perishable foods. Make sure that you have quality fluids to keep the baby hydrated due to the drying nature of airplanes. It’s also recommended to bring a bottle or cup that the baby can use to sip the fluid. When a baby has something to always suck on to, they can be relieved of the air pressure. This is particularly crucial during landing and take-off. 

Pack Extra Diapers and Clothing 

Dress the toddler or baby in layers when flying. Make sure that the baby has layers that are easy to take off if the baby gets hot. They should also be easy to be layered back if the baby gets cold. Additionally, remember that messes happen with ease when traveling by car or by plane. Therefore, carry extra diapers and outfits and pack them in ways that make them easy to access. 

Carry the Favorite Toys for the Toddler

Bring items that your toddler or baby can easily associate with. When you bring the items your child is used to, they will feel comfortable and secure when traveling. What’s more, carrying the items that a child associates with keeps them happy and occupied when traveling. 

Follow these tips for traveling with a toddler or baby to make your next trip with the little one easy, comfortable, and enjoyable.