What is Travel Constipation?

Travel constipation is also called vacation constipation. It’s a health condition that happens when a person suddenly can’t poop as per regular schedule, whether for a single day, two, or even longer.

Several factors can cause constipation, including sudden exercise or diet change due to health conditions. Therefore, think about these factors and possibilities when planning a trip. However, travel constipation occurs to many people after a long-distance trip or flight.

Traveling interrupts the regular diet. Also, sitting down for several hours can slow down what happens in the digestive system.

Causes of Travel Constipation

People have different bowel movements. For instance, one person can poop several times per day while another can go once a day. However, tracking your bowel movements is crucial because it enables you to recognize when constipated. Here’s what can make you constipated when traveling.

  • Your environment
  • The health of your gut bacteria
  • When and what you eat when traveling
  • How often do you exercise
  • The amount of sleep you get

All these factors can affect bowel movements’ regularity. As the colon passes waste, the small intestine releases a fluid that the body must also remove. Muscle contraction and relaxation push body waste to the rectum for expulsion. However, the timing of how often this happens depends on your lifestyle. Sudden activity levels and dietary changes can affect the colon’s behavior.

For instance, drinking inadequate water makes the colon suck up more moisture from the waste. And this can make it dryer. Also, changes in what triggers muscle contractions, like drinking and eating, can delay the process. Thus, your pool can take longer to pass through the colon. Consequently, you’re likely to have a dry, hard stool that might get stuck in the colon leading to constipation.

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